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Summer Staycation Boom Set to Generate £24bn for UK Economy

Hotel chain Travelodge predicts that this summer’s surge in staycation bookings will equate to a £24 billion boost for the UK economy.

The annual Travelodge Holiday Index, which surveyed 2,000 respondents, reported that 55% of Britons expect to take a holiday this year. Of those who are set to take a break, 80% do not plan on leaving the country, instead opting for a staycation, with 70% of holidaymakers reporting a fear of traveling abroad. 

On average, holidaymakers plan to spend £797.54 on their summer vacations, which equates to a huge £24bn boost to the UK economy. Findings also revealed that 42% of those surveyed are taking more frequent, shorter breaks in the UK this year as they are not planning to go abroad – with over half of respondents planning to take four short breaks throughout the year. 

44% plan to stay at a UK seaside resort, with Cornwall remaining the top holiday destination for the sixth consecutive year, followed by Devon and Bournemouth. Meanwhile, 23% are opting to take a city summer break, with Edinburgh, London and Cardiff among the top city destinations for UK tourists. 

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge spokeswoman said: “The results from our 2020 Holiday Index report does show a glimmer of green shoots for our tourism industry with Britons planning to holiday across the length and breadth of the UK this summer.”

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