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The Best Wine Delivery Services

Things are returning to a new normal, but not all of us are quite ready to pop to the pub yet.

With lockdown laws eased and hospitality back in business, the majority of restaurants, bars and pubs have made the decision to open their doors once again. However, a number of us aren’t quite ready to return to some kind of normal, remaining indoors for a couple more weekends just to be sure.

So, we’ve created a list of the best wine delivery services across the UK – it was a tough job, but somebody needed to do it. Offering such simple and satisfying services, we’ll certainly be using them way past lockdown to get our weekend wine fix!

Naked Wines

Branded ‘your new favourite place to buy wine’, we quickly realised why – as Naked Wines offer delicious wines from talented winemakers, for much less than you’d expect. The platform was created to deliver top-notch bottles but not at the usual crazy prices.

Offering a subscription-style service, you can become an ‘Angel’ – supporting independent winemakers by simply putting £20 a month into your account, which you can spend on any of the wines, whenever you want. Angels gain access to exclusive deals and discounts, plus a free bottle every month when ordering a case.

The Rosé Wine Collective

A new business set up earlier this year, The Rosé Wine Collective offers only the best bottles and such lovely customer service. Founded by wine lovers Ali and Laura, the pair decided to set up the company to put their passion for rosé to good use.

Thinking like us fellow wine drinkers, they know one bottle is rarely enough, and so have created some fantastic bundles meaning you can get some seriously good rosé for less than the usual shelf price.

Boasting next day delivery, they have wines from several well-known vineyards including Chateau Minuty, Chateau D Esclans and Chateau Mirival available, as well as many other beautiful rosé wines from across the world. They currently stock the ever-popular Whispering Angel, and its sophisticated older sister Rock Angel, which has become our new favourite.

The Magnum Company

An accidental but incredible Instagram find whilst looking for a magnum of red wine for date night (classy, I know, but hasn’t lockdown sent us all a little OTT) – The Magnum Company offer a great range of bottles. With affordable but delicious big bottles of wine, the platform also has magnums of spirits and champagne.

Informative and simple for those that are still a little unsure on wine, the site is really easy to navigate and there’s an option for every price range and occasion. You can bag yourself a magnum of Whispering Angel for just £46. My order arrived within just a few days and I’d definitely recommend the service for gifting or a nice evening in.

The Wine List

A little different to the other websites, The Wine List is a monthly course focussed on two incredible bottles of wine, delivered directly to your door. Priced at £39 a month, customers simply sign up to learn a little more about wine and taste delicious new flavours at home.

Your first delivery will include an introduction to wine tasting, your first two bottles to try, interactive tasting cards and a plan of what to expect for the next 12 months. Initially discovered through my parents (who are currently promoting this to literally everyone they know), it’s a really fun way to learn more about wine and discover the things you do and don’t like to drink, all from the comfort of your own home.

The Wine Society

The Wine Society is a co-operative with 145,000 active UK members. Members get a say in how the co-operative is run, with decisions made by an elected Committee. Profits go back into fairer prices and better service. A member can own a maximum of one share: this means that every member is equal and buyers choose wine based on quality and value alone.

The Society aims for the fairest – nearly always the lowest – price possible, with the aim of making enough money to provide the wines and services that members expect and no more.

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