Gyms to Reopen in a ‘Couple of Weeks’

Gyms can finally reopen ‘in a couple of weeks’ says Boris Johnson

The Prime Minister has announced he hopes to reopen gyms as soon as possible, in a covid-secure way.

Sharing plans on LBC, Boris Johnson said: “I think that the date for reopening gyms at the moment, if we can do it, is in just a couple of weeks’ time. The best way forward for the country is to get the economy moving again. We want to get every part of our industry, including theatres, that are so vital.”

During the interview, LBC asked why restaurants and pubs are able to open but not gyms, “people, I think, listening to this debate do know the answer to that, and that is to stop the spread of the disease” Boris answered.

Many within the gym and sporting industry hit out when gyms were not on the list for reopening on the 4th July, stating health and fitness should be front of mind during the pandemic.

Huw Edwards, Chief Executive of UK Active, which represents thousands of gyms and leisure centres, recently said on the matter: “Many people will be understandably frustrated by the decision not to reopen the fitness and leisure sector from 4 July.

“Our sector’s safety standards are among the highest in Europe, where other nations have already reopened their gyms and leisure facilities safely. We have invited Government and health officials to visit any of the hundreds of gym and leisure centre show sites across the country, and witness how facilities would operate with thorough social distancing measures and hygiene standards in place.

“Any further delay to our reopening will threaten our nation’s recovery from Covid-19. With obesity the second largest cause of hospitalisation from this virus, gyms and leisure centres are equipped to not only combat Covid-19, but to support rehabilitation for those recovering from the virus.”

Some personal trainers have provided one-on-one, outdoor training sessions for clients during lockdown, following guidelines and keeping a safe distance.  Organisations such as PureGym and David Lloyd have issued statements that they are ready to reopen doors.

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