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Cinema Goers Could be Asked to Wear Masks

The ‘new normal’ will bring about significant changes to the way in which cinemas are able to operate.

Cineworld staff have launched an online petition asking that face coverings are mandatory when the cinema chain reopens next month.

Set to reopen on July 10th, staff claim they are yet to be informed about any of the new health and safety measures that will be put in place and are looking for further clarity. As with other hospitality and leisure businesses, it is expected that the ‘new normal’ will bring about significant changes to the way in which cinemas are able to operate.

The petition reads: “We (the staff) propose that customers are required to wear a mask/face covering to enter Cineworld sites and should at least have to wear them in high traffic areas (corridors/foyers/concessions), where the most contact is likely to occur. These restrictions can be eased in the auditoriums where social distancing can be maintained throughout the duration of a film.

“By requiring customers to also wear masks, they reduce the likelihood of infecting other customers and staff. If numerous staff were to contract the virus, we fear that the company’s operations could be adversely affected, resulting in job losses.”

The move comes after Cineworld CEO, Mooky Greidinger shared, in an interview, that staff will be required to wear protective masks, but customers will not. Those signing the petition have noted the need for management to take the petition seriously and the customers’ responsibility to be considerate to staff and other patrons.

To learn more about the petition, you can visit:

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