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Government to Reconsider Two Metre Distancing

Boris Johnson has ordered an “urgent” review into the two metre social distancing rule following calls for it to be scrapped.

The Prime Minister is reported to believe the UK is now at a stage where there is now “more margin for manoeuvre” in response to the virus.

The news follows government claims that the UK has made good progress in reducing the spread of Covid-19 and therefore can now reconsider social distancing measures.

Those in the hospitality sector have previously argued that a reduction in the two metre rule would be paramount to ensuring that businesses can remain profitable.

Last month, Scottish brewer, BrewDog reported that with two metre social distancing in place, their venues would only be able to operate at 40% capacity.

Any reduction in social distancing measures will be looked at with consultation from scientists and economists. The final decision will rest with ministers.

The announcement comes just three weeks before bars and restaurants are expected to reopen on July 4th, venues continue to await comprehensive guidance from the government.

The World Health Organisation recommends keeping a distance of at least one metre with those from outside your household.

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