Manchester Airport Announces Next Phase of Safer Travel

Travel guidance is kept under constant review amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As lockdown restrictions across the country begin to ease, Manchester Airport has today announced that wearing gloves will no longer be required. 

The airport is currently undertaking a pilot programme of measures aimed at a new standard for safe international travel. It had previously announced that anyone planning to travel through the airport this summer would have to cover their faces and wear gloves. However, after entering the next phase of its ‘Safe Sytem of Travel’, gloves are no longer a requirement. 

Passengers will still be required to cover their faces, with the airport stating that face coverings should; fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face, offer coverage above and below the mouth and nose, allow for breathing without restriction and include multiple layers of fabric. 

Its statement, posted on Facebook this morning, reads: “We are moving into the next phase of our Safe System of Travel pilot. Temperature checks will continue to be trialled and passengers will be asked to wear face coverings, but gloves will no longer be required.

Covid-19 is an unprecedented challenge for aviation and we are conducting this pilot to better understand how we can increase capacity whilst maintaining passenger safety. 

We will keep these measures under constant review and will amend them if and when we feel it’s appropriate, based on feedback from passengers, colleagues and guidance from our advisers.”

The airport has also introduced some limited temperature screening, which will scan for signs of a fever related to COVID-19. This, however, is only to trial the technology and results will not be communicated to customers or used to influence whether a passenger can travel.  

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