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Could Social App Glug Change the Hospitality Industry?

A brand-new, free app is set to launch in the UK in July, aiming to change and improve the way customers engage with the hospitality industry.

Glug, founded by Joshua Burke (co-founder of Bongo’s Bingo), Carl Whiteside and Lewis Allbones, enables hospitality businesses to quickly and easily manage customer orders, while safely maintaining social distancing measures. Hoping to diminish physical queue time and allow contactless payments, the app wants to help businesses within the industry by improving the customer experience.

Allowing users to order food and drink in advance, connect with venues and plan social time with family and friends, the new app plans to bring everything in one place for both businesses and customers. With thousands of venues already listed, Glug will be working with a number of different businesses across the UK, from small countryside pubs to nightclubs and high-end eateries. Discussing the app and its features with owners and operators, the team have used the feedback to influence and refine the app.  

As social distancing is gradually relaxed, in the coming weeks the hospitality industry will open its doors again and face new challenges in the new Covid-19 normal. Glug will help many businesses adapt successfully to these unprecedented changes.

Working on the project for three years, the trio have identified several crucial ways they can help customer engagement within the vast and varied sector. David Gallimore will also be joining the team, who has helped to create large-scale marketing-tech platforms for many of the UK’s leading hospitality companies, SMEs and independents.

Commenting on the launch, Joshua Burke said: “We are launching Glug to support the hospitality industry as bars, restaurants and pubs across the UK reopen. We work with many of them through Bongo’s Bingo and the wider hospitality circles we are all part of. And with David on board, we have got his many years of vital experience in this area too.

“Glug is something we all passionately believe in. We have seen what kind of works and what doesn’t, and believe Glug will be the definitive way forward.”

Glug launches on Wednesday 1st July.

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