PlayMoreGolf: Post Lockdown Boom

With golfers under lockdown, clubs and courses closed, and all play stopped for golfers after the arrival of COVID-19. Oxfordshire-based PlayMoreGolf were unsure how their business would hold. 

PlayMoreGolf is the first flexible golf membership linking individual golf clubs across the UK under one membership. An online platform & app, PlayMoreGolf’s business provides golfers with more choice and flexibility and convenience, whilst members still enjoy the benefits of golf club membership.

When the PM announced that golf was back in play on 10th May (to be enjoyed alone, with one person from a different household or up to three others from within a household group), PlayMoreGolf received over an average increase of 1481% in daily enquires from customers. In just a week PlayMoreGolf’s website traffic also saw an increase of a staggering 589%.

The business was launched in 2016 by the team who launched and ran The De Vere Club. PlayMoreGolf has 9,000 members and over 250 golf club partners. They are also partners of Golf England and Golf Wales and since its launch have helped players and their clubs enjoy more than 183,000 rounds of golf to date.

Alastair Sinclair, CEO, PlayMoreGolf, “Golf has been perceived for too long as an elite sport played by the privileged and beyond the means of many. Our aim has been to debunk this myth and make the sport more accessible and address the problem of the average traditional golf member being in their mid 60s. Flexible membership recognises the demands of modern lifestyles, bringing golfers with an average age of 43 years of age back to the sport and making it more affordable and accessible.  

Combining up to date technology and online account management, we are bringing golf to a wider market who may have considered previously the sport inaccessible, but now also safe amid Covid 19.”

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