Virtual Events & The Future Of Large Gatherings

The event and exhibition industry has been massively affected by the Covid-19 global pandemic and was one of the first to shut down due to the virus. Now, many venues and show-organisers are wondering what the industry can do to bounce-back.

With social distancing still firmly in place and all upcoming events postponed, it’s difficult to imagine events ever being the same again. So, what can the industry do to ensure it stays active?

The role of technology is more prominent than ever before, as we see more and more businesses attempting to move their offering online, arranging virtual gatherings and meetings through the use of video tools to stay connected with delegates and ticket holders.

Live streaming through social media channels has become the new way to information share, and when done correctly it’s proving to be just as effective, with many wondering if virtual conferences will be the way forward. We’re increasingly realising that physical work meet-ups of people from across the globe, can be substituted with a simple video call, however large events and exhibitions are not so easily replaced.

Consumers need to interact, and the physical effects of a global work conference or large-scale event or festival, are not so easy to recreate. Real life events offer opportunities that can’t be reproduced electronically, which leads to the hope that the industry will bounce back, as soon as it’s able to. But what we have realised is the ability to enhance an event or experience through the use of technology, meaning it’s likely to be a big part of events moving forward.

In the meantime, it’s useful to share an insight into what’s going on behind the scenes – organisers should let their consumers and followers know how they’re planning to bring an event back, safer and better than ever. If the introduction of distancing and spacing boundaries within a venue or show is being considered, let them know.

Leading industry title C&IT, recently shared details on how to implement social distancing to ensure organisers host a safe event, looking at methods such as extending a shows running time and staggering timings for attendance. Listing a number of other useful options for both venues and event holders to consider, they outline several ways to evolve and ensure audience safety.

Implementing new methods will be the quickest route to recovery, considering attendees and putting safety first. Nothing can replace meeting people in person and physical experiences, so the industry no doubt will mend in time, but it’s vital those within it rethink their approach.

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