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Campaign to Kick-Start the UK Hospitality Industry

If operators were allowed to extend their current licensing conditions and trading hours temporarily at no additional cost, alongside the relaxation of zoning regulations they may be able to open sooner.

As reported by Big Hospitality, a campaign has been launched to find a safe way to re-start the UK hospitality industry.  Led by Alan Lorrimer, the founder of live music venue The Piano Works, the campaign is calling for greater flexibility for hospitality businesses and further governmental support.

The government has been asked to issue a directive to grant local authorities a temporary deregulation to allow seating areas outside existing hospitality businesses, to extend their capacity.  

It is hoped that it will help venues across the country trade in line with physical distancing measures. Lorrimer argues that many bars, restaurants and cafes will struggle to survive if they are forced to reopen with a significantly reduced capacity.

Additional outdoor seating would allow venues to expand their capacity whilst helping implement strict social distancing – allowing patrons to feel safer and hopefully encourage a ‘return to normal’.

The campaign draws inspiration from a successful initiative in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, which has allowed bars and restaurants access to public spaces to help them abide by the required social distancing measures.

To learn more about the campaign, visit for the full proposal and to register your support.

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