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Beautiful Window Art Brings Life Back To Salford High-Street

The Manchester suburbs are becoming a food and drink destination in their own right, with Monton a firm leader when it comes to fantastic independent restaurants and bars.

With the usually bustling high-street brought to a holt due to lockdown, a local Manchester artist has managed to restore a little bit of life to the much-loved community, whilst sending love and support to key workers.

Emma Evans has decorated numerous shop and café window fronts with incredible artworks, adorning them with rainbows, hearts, alongside messages of ‘thank you’ and ‘we love you’. The beautiful displays have become a social media sensation, with businesses sharing their new window art and many locals using their one walk a day to admire and post on their pages.

Completing the work for free, all Emma has asked for in return is a contribution to the Salford Royal Hospital. Speaking on what inspired her to start the project, Emma said: “I had to visit the Post Office after a few weeks indoors, and I felt really sad when I saw all of the shops closed – everything looked grey and the people I did see looked a little low. I came up with the idea to try and inject some positivity and colour into Monton, bringing the joy back to the community. My aim was simply to make people smile and give them something positive to talk about.

“I contacted each of the retailers through Instagram to see if they would be happy for me to illustrate their windows with colourful positive messages to the NHS, key workers and carers, in exchange for a donation to the Salford Royal. I was overwhelmed by the response, Monton really does have a strong community spirit and I am very proud to be part of it.”

Emma’s first project was The Coffee House & Kitchen, and instantly locals were commenting on how much it brightened their day. With 11 windows now complete, including Ziba Hair Salon, Playfoots Champagne Bar, The Dog Room and The Blind Pig, Emma still has a huge list of windows to go.

Commenting that people have even been asking her to decorate their houses in support of our NHS, Emma has been overwhelmed with requests, and so has come up with something a little different.

Emma added: “As the high-street is keeping me so busy, I’ve designed some posters that people can print at home and pop in their windows to join in the fun. This way, they can show their support to our sensational key workers, and add a little sparkle to their street.”

Visit Emma’s Instagram or website to admire further artworks or download her home window displays. To donate to Salford Royal Hospital, please click here.

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