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Save Our Scene

Club Owners and Promoters have come together to create the combined collective and campaign 'Save Our Scene.' The movement is looking to support workers within the local music scene.

We are all aware of the effects COVID-19 is currently having on the economy. The hospitality sector is struggling, with no certainty of dates for reopening. Jobs have already been lost, with independent clubs and pubs having to close their doors.

Club owners and promoters have come together to create a campaign called ‘Save Our Scene.’ The movement is looking to support workers within the business and specifically, those who have been hit hard by venue closures.

The collective is working around the clock to curate ways we can support suffering businesses. A Save Our Scene’ crowdfunder campaign includes an envious range prizes to be won through the form of a virtual raffle. The raffle offers nine different prize packages, with tickets to Parklife, a personalised drag clown makeup lesson and even one-to-one life coaching sessions.  You can join in for a fiver.

There are guestlist spots up for grabs too, giving you the green light to some of the hottest local parties around when doors reopen. Homoelectric, Transmission Funk, Stage & Radio, The Warehouse Project and Soup Kitchen are all on offer.

Campaigners say: “Whilst we’re aware that the government is offering a range of support for workers during this time, we know that many essential staff members within our community won’t qualify as they may be freelance, on zero-hour contracts, paid cash in hand, or don’t meet other criteria.

“We also feel that many of these workers need support immediately, and with the uncertainty of governmental measures hanging above all of our heads, we want to support them in any way we can.

“In short, we see venues and their staff members as essential to the music scene within Manchester & Salford, and we want to raise funds in order to keep this vibrant community thriving.”

So far, over £10K has been raised, with £5K left to go until the goal target is met and only two weeks left to enter. You can enter the raffle and strive to save the local businesses bringing culture back to Manchester here.

Keep up to date with further Save Our Scene initiatives on their Facebook page.


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