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UK Cinemas Hopeful for June Reopening

Did somebody say popcorn and hotdogs?! Cinemas could be amongst the first leisure destinations to reopen their doors

The cinematic ‘powers that be’ are eager to find a way for cinemas across the UK to get their projectors rolling.

According to a report from Variety, the UK Cinema Association is in talks with the government to allow cinemas to start trading again by the end of June.

Big cinema chains like Vue, Cineworld and Odeon took the decision to close before the nationwide lockdown was enforced in March.

Now looking for a way to get back some resemblance of ‘business as usual’, the UK Cinema Association is claiming that cinemas are well-placed to abide by social distancing measures; controlling the number of tickets sold and staggering start times to prevent overlap in communal areas.

Chief Executive of the UK Cinema Association, Phil Clapp, said: “We’ve made representations to government on the safeguards which U.K. cinemas would look to have in place for audiences and staff alike upon re-opening, and have asked that consideration be given – with these in mind – to allow cinemas to open by the end of June.”

If the June date proves possible, the reopening would see cinemas open ahead of the theatrical release of Christopher Nolan’s much-anticipated new film Tenet, staring Robert Pattinson and John David Washington. Unlike many other films scheduled to launch this summer, Tenet’s $200 million blockbuster has stayed steadfast with its premier date.  

Despite the campaign, Clapp added that the UK cinema industry’s efforts will continue to be “led by the government’s understanding of the risk presented by COVID-19 and respond accordingly.”

Other films scheduled to be released this year include, Wonder Women 1984, Black Widow and the latest Bond film, due in November.

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