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Memorable Moments at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

We take a look at some of the landmarks in the park’s history.

Many of us from the North enjoyed summers in Blackpool with our grandparents. Even memories of the journey there are fond, with “are we there yet?” being a recurring question. There was excitement too, at being the first to spot Blackpool Tower on the everlasting car ride. We remember families heading to the beach and to the arcades for hours of fun. Blackpool is home to cabaret culture, savvy souvenirs and Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach houses the nation’s most beloved rides. It has been pushing boundaries since 1896. Rollercoasters, including the £16.25 million ICON and The Big One both guarantee a thrill.


Blackpool Pleasure Beach has been offering guests a wild ride for well over a hundred years.

The park’s rollercoasters combined have travelled a distance of over nine million kilometres. The equal distance of travelling to the moon and back 12 times.


Launched just two years ago, ICON is the attraction’s most ambitious ride to date. Propelling riders to heights of 88ft at speeds of over 50mph, the ride offers the same acceleration as an F1 car.

Over one million people have ridden the parks most in demand rollercoaster. Coaster fans from as far afield as the US have been making the trip to experience ICON’s unique power and design.


Blackpool Pleasure Beach has been the site of many world record attempts. Last year saw volunteers braving the English weather naked, to achieve a new world record.

Taking place on the historic Grand National, thrill streakers saddled up in an attempt to have the ‘most naked riders on a theme park ride’ at one time.

195 naturists buckled in for the ride of their life, taking just over an hour to complete. The record attempt was part of the British Naturism’s annual trip to Blackpool.


When The Big One opened in 1994, it was the world’s tallest and fastest rollercoaster. Still standing tall as the highest in the UK, The Big One changed the Blackpool skyline forever.

The Big One stands at 235ft and travels at speeds up to 85 mph. Being a firm favourite with stars such as Robbie Williams, Kate Moss and even Prince William.

A star in its own right, the rollercoaster featured in the 2001 film ‘The Parole Officer’ with Steve Coogan. It also appears in the 1995 music video for Simply Red’s single ‘Fairground.’


Blackpool Pleasure Beach houses many of the UK’s remaining pre-war rollercoasters. This includes the Big Dipper a wooden out and back roller coaster, the Grand National, Nickelodeon Streak and the Blue Flyer.

When it first opened to the public in 1923, the Big Dipper, cost a shilling to ride. Being the oldest ride on park, it is still going strong for guests looking for good old fashioned fun.


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