Getting Crafty in Quarantine

How many of us have vowed to leave lockdown with a new skill under our belts? Six weeks in and I’m yet to bake a single loaf of bread or master a 5K run without turning a worrying shade of beetroot. 

In a bid to inspire those who haven’t yet found their lockdown love, Lara and Tiffany, the creative queens behind Brush & Bubbles, are encouraging people across the nation to discover their inner Picasso (even if you’ve not picked up a paintbrush since A-level art). 

The project, which is aimed at all creative abilities, usually sees the pair tour cities across the UK with their resident artists. It brings people together to chat, paint, drink and enjoy, all whilst sipping on a glass of bubbly – bliss! Attendees are provided with everything they need to create their very own masterpiece, including a canvas, easel, apron, palette, brushes, and step by step instructions. 

For obvious reasons, all upcoming classes are currently on hold, but that’s not stopping the duo – they’re bringing the experience straight to your doorstep with free step by step painting tutorials online. Head over to their Instagram page, @brushandbubbles, for a host of mini painting tutorials, including cute houseplants, dreamy Miami skylines and even ‘pimp your pocket’ – a fun way to spruce up your isolation wardrobe. This week, expect fruity lemons and leopard print. 

No paints? Visit to grab an art starter kit. Each kit includes four canvases, a paint palette, two packs of acrylic paints, plus two medium square flat edge brushes and two pointy detailed brushes – everything you need to jumpstart your artistic journey. Don’t forget to pour yourself a glass of Prosecco (or two) for the full experience!

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